Flakka Addiction

One Flakka Addiction Sign is Red, Watery Eyes, Like Hers.


Flakka, or alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, is a relatively new illicit drug. Although technically it’s been around since the 1960’s, the Schedule I designer drug is becoming an increasingly popular substance in our country. Consequently, Flakka addiction is affecting more people than ever before.

Understanding How Flakka Affects Users

Individuals who use Flakka gravitate to the drug because of its euphoric and hallucinogenic properties. A synthetic cathinone, it floods the brain with dopamine, generating various euphoric effects, including hallucinations, enhanced strength, increased focus and sex drive. These addictive properties often leave users coming back for more.

How Addiction Develops

More often than not, Flakka abuse leads to a dependence, which in turn leads to a strong Flakka addiction. Over time, the body develops a tolerance. This means it takes more Flakka consumption in order for the user to get the desired effect.

Psychologically, non-use often leaves Flakka users feeling as though they want more. Aside from various uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms, consistent Flakka users who go without the drug for an extended period of time often experience depression and suicidal thoughts. This makes it difficult for users to quit abruptly.

Additionally, an addiction to Flakka can make individuals go through great lengths just to fulfill their high. Ignoring financial, family and professional obligations in search of the drug is a sure sign of addiction.

Getting Flakka Addiction Treatment

An untreated Flakka addiction can have dire consequences. Aside from potential overdose, Flakka abuse can cause various negative effects, including:

Kidney damage | Heart attack | Stroke | Heart failure | Elevated blood pressure | Death

Fortunately for those struggling with Flakka addiction, there’s hope. A licensed and accredited Flakka drug rehab facility can be the beginning of a new life.

The best Flakka drug rehab programs offer evidence-based therapies designed to encourage behavioral change. Therapists and case managers work with individuals and take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, including:

Relapse prevention education

Dual diagnosis treatment

Various behavioral therapies

Experiential therapies

Individuals choosing professional rehabilitation addiction treatment benefit from multiple levels of care, as they work to understand their Flakka addiction and work toward a positive future.

Don’t let you or your loved one’s Flakka addiction go untreated. Seek a reputable Flakka drug rehab facility today.