Although Flakka is a relatively new illicit drug, its impact is already being felt throughout the country.

If you or a loved is struggling with abuse or addiction, it’s important to seek help at a Flakka drug rehab facility before it’s too late.

Users Can Be Exposed to Flakka for as Little as $3 Per Dose

Dylan was a 21-year-old college student at the University of Florida set to graduate in the spring. While he did well in school, he also liked to drink alcohol and experiment with various drugs. One night, his roommate brought Flakka, which had become increasingly popular on campus, to their dorm room. After smoking it, Dylan felt energetic, feeling as though he had super powers.

How Flakka Addiction Develops

Dylan enjoyed his first experience so much that he continued using Flakka with his friends. Over time, he started noticing how depressed he became without it, so he started smoking it regularly. One night, Dylan began acting out violently, scaring his friends to the point where they almost called the cops. However, since they didn’t want to get in trouble, Dylan’s friends held off, at that point deciding they were done using Flakka for good. Despite the trouble that night, Dylan continued using.

How Flakka Changes Behaviors

Dylan’s behavior began changing. He became isolated and stopped hanging out with his friends. After some occurrences of Flakka drug use, Dylan would sleep for days at a time. He started missing a significant number of classes and ultimately failed a course, which delayed his graduation. Unfortunately, Dylan would never get a second chance to graduate.

The Consequences of Flakka Abuse

No longer surrounded by a trustworthy group of friends, Dylan smoked Flakka with a dealer he had just met one night. Soon after smoking, Dylan felt extremely hot, and started going into violent convulsions before falling into a coma. Not wanting to be incriminated, the dealer fled the scene.

Police found Dylan dead days later after his roommate reported him missing.

The Importance of Flakka Drug Rehab

If you’re struggling with Flakka abuse or addiction, your story doesn’t have to end like Dylan’s. A reputable Flakka drug rehab center can teach individuals how to live a productive life without the dangerous substance.