What is Flakka?

What is the Drug Flakka and can it be snorted like cocaine?

What is Flakka?

What is the drug Flakka? Many people in the midst of addiction are far too familiar with its damaging effects. With the epidemic sweeping the nation, it’s important to learn the facts.

What is the Drug Flakka?

The designer drug Flakka is formally known as alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, or alpha-PVP for short. It’s a synthetic cathinone with chemical similarities to bath salts. Packaged in plastic bags and vials, it appears as a white or pink crystal and emits a  pungent odor. Methods for using Flakka include eating, snorting, injecting or, with the use of an e-cigarette, vaporizing.

The man-made drug is primarily manufactured in China, with use among Americans becoming prevalent around 2013. In that short time, Flakka has caused many users to experience its drastic effects. Thus, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency categorizes Flakka and other synthetic cathinones as Schedule I controlled substances, meaning they have no medical value and are highly dangerous and potentially addictive.

What Does Flakka Do?

Flakka combines the effects of cocaine and methamphetamine at a significantly lower price. For as low as $3, users generally experience what the National Institute on Drug Abuse describes as, “excited delirium”. The high is intense, and some users report residual effects lasting up to several days. Short-term effects include:

Hallucinations | Paranoia | Preponderance of enhanced physical strength | Panic attacks | Increased hostility

Although the spike in euphoria is attractive to some, Flakka has several negative side effects. One of the most damaging is that it can elevate your body temperature to 104 degrees. This can lead to kidney failure and possible death.

Despite the negative consequences, users still chase the drug’s euphoric properties, making it easier for them to develop a debilitating dependence and subsequent addiction. However, those struggling to overcome Flakka use have effective resources to enact change.  

How a Flakka Drug Rehab Can Initiate Change

Numerous Flakka drug rehab facilities across the country can help individuals experience recovery. The best ones offer life-changing treatment programs and evidence-based therapies to promote a healthy, substance-free future.

Stopping Flakka use abruptly can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Upon entering treatment, many patients opt for a medically monitored Flakka detox. During this process, medical professionals cleanse your body of harmful toxins as you prepare for a comprehensive addiction treatment program. After detox, the best Flakka drug rehab facilities will have multiple levels of care to help you change addictive behaviors and prepare you for life-long, sustainable recovery.

Although Flakka drug rehab facilities differ, common levels of care include:

Residential or inpatient treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment

Partial hospitalization treatment

Aftercare, including post-treatment sober living options

What is the drug Flakka? Don’t let it define you or your loved one’s life. Seek a reputable Flakka drug rehab facility to start experiencing recovery.