Flakka Drug Facts She May Worry About.


Flakka, known as alpha-PVP and similar in chemical composition to bath salts, has become an increasingly popular drug of choice in our country. Since it’s only been around domestically for a few years, many people are unaware of the drug’s dangers. Here are a few Flakka drug facts to consider.

Flakka Drug Facts: It’s a Completely Man-Made Product

There’s nothing natural about Flakka. It’s a synthetic cathinone that’s manufactured primarily in China. Many of Flakka’s ingredients are also found in “bath salts”, which is another class of designer drugs. It’s packaged in a variety of ways, from plastic bags and vials to even bags of candy.

Flakka Drug Facts: The Nationwide Epidemic Originated in South Florida

Known in the streets as, “$5 Insanity”, Flakka produces similar effects to methamphetamine and cocaine. However, as indicated by its name, not only is the product significantly cheaper, but it’s also more powerful. Whereas cocaine effects wear off quickly, residual Flakka drug effects can last up to several days.

Flakka Drug Facts: The Drug Can Trigger an Overwhelming “Fight or Flight” Response

Many individuals who use Flakka experience a heightened sense of strength and exhibit violent behavior. Because of this, police officers looking to subdue agitated Flakka users often need extra resources to make an arrest.

Flakka Drug Facts: Vaping Flakka is Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Teens

While Flakka is commonly ingested, snorted or smoked, users can also vape the substance. Although this is a popular method among teens, it’s also extremely dangerous. Since the drug directly enters the user’s bloodstream, the potential for overdose rises.

Flakka Drug Facts: People Who Sell Flakka Can Escape DEA Consequences By Labeling Packets and Materials, “Not For Human Consumption”

There are many ways users can acquire Flakka. While they commonly purchase the drug on the streets, it’s also available online and in various gas shops and convenience stores. Currently, as long as the seller labels the drug as, “Not for human consumption”, they can evade legal consequences.

Flakka Drug Facts: Not Enough People Struggling with Abuse or Addiction Get Help at a Flakka Drug Rehab Facility

While over 23 million people in the country struggle with illicit drug abuse, less than 10% actually get the addiction treatment they need. If you or a loved one need help combating Flakka addiction, a Flakka drug rehab program could be the solution.

There are various Flakka drug rehab facilities available throughout the country. Use these Flakka drug facts as motivation to get the help you need.